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By blending the principle of quality and honesty with nearly 15 years of industry experience, we offer our business partners product consultancy, support regarding subscription and purchasing processes and a model in which these processes are supported by on-site or online training.

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It is the world's first 3D human anatomy atlas, created using data from the Visible Human Project conducted by the National Academy of Medicine.

Various anatomical models, animations, MR and surgical dissection images, presentations, and more that are related to different medical areas (medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, etc.) are available on platform without any user limitations or restrictions.

GCRIS is a research and performance evaluation database that allows searching and discovering all research outputs within the research ecosystem of the University, associating these outputs with researchers, providing advanced reporting with different metrics, and supporting corporate strategic decisions.

Also offers an open institutional academic archive at international standards, built on the DSpace-CRIS infrastructure, which brings together and organizes all kinds of academic outputs related to research activities and allows sharing with the whole scientific world by providing long-term preservation.

It is the world's first peer-reviewed scientific video article database with Impact Factor value.

More than 17,000 articles in the daily updated collection content are indexed by authoritative sources such as Web of Science SCI-Expanded, PubMed/Medline, ChemAbstracts, SciFinder, and Scopus; It is cited in publications that direct scientific studies such as Nature, Cell, PNAS, and PLoS.

It consists of the first main collection, JoVE Research, and JoVE Education.

The JoVE Research collection is a videotaped version of articles presented in writing. Medicine, engineering, chemistry, biology, genetics, etc., cover many subject areas.

The JoVE Education collection consists of video content that can be used in the student education process. Clinical skills, laboratory expertise, chemistry, physics, engineering, psychology, etc. contain sub-topics.

It is a new-generation digital medicine learning platform that offers evidence-based learning strategies.

Supports nursing and the entire medical education process, from pre-clinical to internment. The database offers the most comprehensive curriculum and depth of content on the market.

• 6,500+ Training Videos
• 400+ 3D Models
• 20,000+ Reminder Questions
• 1,300+ Textbook Articles
• Question Bank with 5,000+ Case Questions
• iOS and Android applications

The course content in the video library is prepared and presented by academicians at universities recognized as international medical authorities such as Harvard, Yale School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Brown Alpert Medical School, Imperial College London.

The world's largest online classical music and jazz video database.

It offers unlimited access to over 3500 concerts, operas, ballets, documentaries, archival documents, portraits of composers and artists, and educational videos, from the Baroque to the Modern.

More than 150 live broadcasts from the world's leading concert halls and classical music festivals such as the Berliner Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra, and New York Philharmonic are made available throughout the year and are kept in the database to be watched for 90 days.

Turnitin is a leading brand that promotes academic integrity, authenticity and trust around the world.

By helping educators and students maintain the highest standards of authenticity, Turnitin has earned its position as an industry leader.

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